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Capital Report: May 3, 2024

Governor Ron DeSantis’ approval rating has fallen after his failed 2024 Presidential run. But Tristan Wood reports experts say his diminished status likely won’t negatively impact the Republican Party’s hold on Florida.

Environmentalists worry plans to drill near the Apalachicola River system could damage the area’s delicate ecosystem. Adrian Andrews reports the concern comes after the state signaled plans to approve an oil drilling permit in an area many say is still recovering from past damage and disasters.

Florida lawmakers have passed a bill that says people won’t be penalized for killing bears if they reasonably believe it was necessary to avoid an imminent threat. The measure hasn’t been sent to Gov. Ron DeSantis yet. Opponents say there are much better ways to manage bears than killing them – and that they’ll sue if the bill becomes law. As Margie Menzel reports, there is great passion on both sides of the debate.

The multi-billion dollar marine industry in Florida is among those struggling to find skilled workers in a tight job market. WLRN’s Tom Hudson has more.

Experts say that staying active and connected with others helps people live longer, happier lives. But that can be tough as we grow older. Therapy may work for some seniors struggling with depression. But WUSF's Stephanie Colombini reports researchers in Tampa are studying whether older adults can help each other feel better too.