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Capital Report: May 31, 2024

Former President and presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was found guilty of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in New York Thursday. Tristan Wood reports Florida politicos and experts are split on their reactions to the verdict and their predictions for how it will impact the election.

After Florida left a national database last year that was used to check the accuracy of voter rolls, some are questioning how the state will protect against the possibility of voter fraud this November. One organization sent a letter to the state with a list of thousands of potentially double-registered voters, but as Margie Menzel reports, other groups are pushing back, saying that list isn’t accurate.

Hurricane season kicks off tomorrow. National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist Mark Wool is talking about why Florida is expected to see more — and stronger — storms. Here’s an excerpt from the Deeper Dive with Dara Kam podcast from the News Service of Florida.

Every disaster expert keeps telling us that every emergency response depends on fast, accurate and accessible communication. Floridians rely on critical information from the government during hurricanes and afterward for help with impacts like flooding. But what about families that don't speak English well? Despite some efforts at the local and federal levels, Joe Byrnes reports community leaders say they often don’t get the information they need.

Florida’s State University System Board of Governors is taking over an investigation into a questionable gift given to Florida A&M University. The Historically Black College in Tallahassee accepted a $200 million dollar donation from a man who claims he’s a Texas hemp-investor. But as Adrian Andrews reports, state officials are questioning if he and his gift are legit.

STEM teachers are in high demand across the country. In Florida, math is ranked in the top five subjects with the most teacher vacancies for the upcoming school year. Now, Florida International University is partnering with South Florida school districts to take students majoring in STEM subjects and turn them into math and science teachers. WLRN's Yvonne zum Tobel reports from Miami.