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Capital Report: July 5, 2024

After President Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance last week, state political experts and operatives of all party affiliation are more skeptical of his already slim chances of winning Florida in his reelection bid. Tristan Wood reports they are also saying a lackluster showing from Biden could spell down ballot disaster for Democrats.

A new Florida law that lets school districts open their doors to volunteer chaplains went into effect at the start of the month. But as Margie Menzel reports, opponents have concerns about how those volunteers will be vetted, and how the rights of students and their families will be protected.

Two Florida Universities received less than favorable remarks from the state about their 2023 test scores. Now officials at the schools are looking for solutions to keep the State University System Board of Governors from eradicating their licensure programs. Adrian Andrews has the story.

A new scientific report suggests more and more U.S. coastlines will see regular flooding as a consequence of climate change. The report was released June 25th by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Tom Flanigan spoke with the lead researcher on the project.

Regan McCarthy has been keeping an eye on the debate about how a financial impact statement regarding a proposed Florida constitutional amendment should be worded.

The long Fourth of July weekend is especially deadly on the highways, so the Florida Highway Patrol is urging motorists to exercise extra caution.

A new state law will force cities to be more transparent with the public about their red light camera programs. They'll have to disclose how many people they ticket, how much money they make, and how contracts are awarded – every year. WLRN’s Danny Rivero found that for some cities in South Florida – these cameras are a moneymaker.