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Medical errors; assisted dog and pony therapy

Virus Outbreak
Francois Mori
Doctor Marion Muchembled, right, checks medical results on a computer screen at the intensive care unit of COVID-19 in the Amiens Picardie hospital Tuesday, March 30, 2021 in Amiens, 100 miles north of Paris.

Last March, Vanderbilt University nurse Radonda Vaught was criminally prosecuted after a medical error led to the death of her patient. Vaught’s conviction for reckless homicide sent shockwaves through the medical community. She now awaits sentencing this month and could face several years in prison.

Today’s episode of "What’s Health Got to Do with It?" explores when a medical error becomes a criminal offense, how patients can advocate for themselves should they find themselves in a similar situation, and what medical professionals can do to avoid mistakes.


  • John Drazkowski, malpractice attorney, L & G Group Law.
  • Dr. Katherine Noe, chief quality officer, neurologist, Mayo Clinic Arizona.
  • Dr. Anup Patel, medical director of quality, pediatric neurologist, Nationwide Children's Hospital.
  • Sheila Collins, mother of a victim of a medical error.

ADAPT Program

The ADAPT program at Nemours Children's Health System in Jacksonville is a first-of-its-kind, animal-assisted therapy program integrated into a pediatric setting. ADAPT utilizes equine and canine therapy to help behavioral health patients through their sessions. The ADAPT program at Nemours Children’s Health (NCH) was created through discretionary efforts from NCH Jacksonville staff and is completely local donor-funded. Learn more here.


  • Jenny Pfieffer, nurse manager.
  • Dr. Nicole Kahhan, psychologist.
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