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Headaches; Blue Zones Project

Business Wire
Business Wire
Patient Case: a TKI-naïve ROS1-positive NSCLC patient with brain metastasis, showed near-complete disappearance of target lesions in brain (upper panel) and lung (lower panel) after 12-week treatment of taletrectinib 600mg QD.

Headache is one of the most common symptoms and one of the most common reasons for medical consultation and emergency department visits in the United States. Of all patients visiting the emergency department, 4.5% report that non-traumatic headache is their main complaint; yet, diagnosing and treating headaches that reach the attention of the health care system is a vexing problem.

The primary issue to be sorted out by a health care provider is whether the headache is a symptom of something urgent like a brain tumor, brain hemorrhage or infection or whether it represents a migraine or other type of headache that requires treatment but will not lead to a bad outcome.

Even more problematic, patients with headaches are often overtreated with either MRI or CT scans or overtreated with opioids. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, opioids were ordered for 35.8% of emergency department visits for acute migraines


Blue Zones Project

When it comes to your health, your doctors and health care play a small role in whether you are healthy or how long your life will be. Your ZIP code, or where you live, determines your health even more than your genetics

Recognizing that fact, a powerful coalition of public and private organizations, united to launch the Blue Zones Project here in Jacksonville. If successful, it could transform and save the lives of Jacksonville residents.

Guest: Melanie Patz, vice president of community investment and impact, Baptist Health.

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