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The medical consequences of Dobbs v. Jackson

Abortion-rights activist argues with anti-abortion-rights protesters outside the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday.
Eman Mohammed
An abortion rights activist argues with anti-abortion protesters outside the U.S. Supreme Court.

In today’s episode of "What’s Health Got to Do with It?" we gathered medical and legal experts to examine what the Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court ruling means for abortion access across the United States.


  • Dr. Staci Tanouye, North Florida gynecologist.
  • Dr. Jennifer Bigelow, Louisiana OBGYN.
  • Kelly Flynn, president and CEO, A Woman’s Choice.
  • Kara Sugihara, women’s health nurse practitioner, abortion care specialist. 
  • William Hurd, attorney, Eckert Seamans LLC., first solicitor general of Virginia.
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