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What's Health Got to Do with It?

Health care costs and inequitable access

Lynne Sladky

This week’s show discussed what's new in Florida and U.S. health care law that is affecting us right now. We are at a critical juncture in our nation's health care system, and what happens next could impact millions of lives.

Our show explored the motivations behind policy updates, their potential consequences and why they're generating waves of both excitement and concern among experts and everyday citizens alike.

The issues range from rising health care costs to inequitable access. Critics argue that policy updates may disrupt the already delicate balance between quality and cost, while proponents believe they're a long-overdue step towards a fairer, more inclusive system.

Regardless, everyone agrees that our health system with regards to access is broken.

Natalie Davis, CEO and founder of the United States of Care, joined us to help navigate through this complex new policy update.

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