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What's Health Got to Do with It?

Navigating the back-to-school stress

A healthy routine is crucial during back-to-school transitions.
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A healthy routine is crucial during back-to-school transitions.

Maintaining a healthy routine can be challenging during transitional phases. When summer ends and school begins, students, teachers and parents often feel overwhelmed while adjusting to new schedules.

Alejandra Ruff, founder and president of Living Well Co., joins us with tips and tricks on how to manage the back-to-school transition in a holistic and healthy manner.

Then, an argument for incremental change in an effort to combat colossal challenges in health care. Dr. Aaron Berkowitz, professor of neurology at the University of California, San Francisco, chats with us about his book, One by One by One: Making A Small Difference Amid a Billion Problems.

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Stacey Bennett is the producer of "First Coast Connect" and "What's Health Got to Do With It?" She is a Jacksonville-based singer-songwriter who performs under the nom de plume Folk is People. Stacey holds bachelor's degrees in both political science and psychology from the University of North Florida and a master's in business administration from Saint Leo University.