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FSU Investigates Jameis Winston For Title IX Violations

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Florida State University is investigating its star quarterback for possible federal Title IX violations. The investigation stems from a December 2012 incident where Jameis Winston was accused of, but never charged with sexual assault.

Title IX is the section of the 1964 Civil Rights Act governing equal access to sports. The law also spells out how any school receiving any federal money should deal with allegations made by students, faculty and staff. It says even if there’s a simultaneous criminal investigation, schools should still do their own. FSU already investigated two of Winston's teammates regarding the same alleged incident.According to

“An attorney named John Clune, who is representing the woman, told the New York Times he was pleased with the investigation, which apparently included more than an hour of university officials asking the accuser questions. He also told USA Today that he expects code of conduct charges to be brought against Winston, but there's no other indication suggesting that will happen.”FSU is the subject of a federal Title IX investigation stemming from the way it dealt with the sexual assault allegations.

The school’s decision to do its own investigation comes as it launches a new sexual assault awareness campaign on its campus.

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