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Year-Round Daylight Saving Time Passes Fla. Senate; Goes To Governor

Remember to set your clocks an hour forward when you go to bed Saturday night.

Floridians will change their clocks this weekend as Daylight Saving Time arrives Sunday at 2 a.m. But changing the time twice-a-year could become a thing of the past.

The Senate voted 33-2 Tuesday to give final approval to a measure (HB 1013) intended to eventually keep Florida on daylight-saving time throughout the year.

The next stop is the desk of Gov. Rick Scott, whose office said he will review the proposal after formally receiving it.

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If Scott signs the bill, Congress would ultimately be responsible for approving the proposed change.

The idea of year-round daylight-saving time has been promoted as a way to help the state’s tourism industry, as people would be able to stay out later with the additional sunlight.

Hawaii and most of Arizona currently don’t participate in switching from standard time to Daylight Saving Time and back. They stay on standard time throughout the year.

Daylight Saving Time will start Sunday at 2 a.m. this year and end Nov. 4.