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Crackdowns On Recyclables Lead To Shakeups In Thomasville's Recycling Centers

Credit Alfonso Navarro / Unsplash

Thomasville, Georgia’s recycling center reopens Monday. The facility shut down for a few days to make changes to how it accepts paper and plastic.

Thomasville’s drop-off recycling program has been operating since 1998, but with changes in buyers, Thomasville’s Solid Waste Public Works Director, Nathaniel Tyler is asking residents to be more aware of what they’re recycling.

“In the business of recycling changes come down the pipe but the whole purpose of it is to get a product or get a material that our end user can use," Tyler says. "The buyers were shipping quite a bit of materials and as they get stricter on what’s required that they buy then they pass that on to us and we in turn had to make some adjustments.”

Tyler says to pay attention to the numbered triangle on the bottom of recyclable plastics. Drop-off recycling centers will have separate bins for number one plastics and number two plastics but they will no longer be able to accept numbers three through seven. They can also no longer accept glass, but cardboard, newspaper, and aluminum cans are still fair game.

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