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Comcast To Begin Offering Fastest Internet In The Country To Jacksonville

Ray Hollister

Jacksonville residents will be able to purchase extremely fast Internet service, starting next month. A handful of Florida cities are among the nation’s first where Comcast is bringing fiber-optic Internet to people’s homes.

The new Internet service called Gigabit Pro is faster than anything currently available in Florida. That means customers could download the equivalent of a feature-length film in about 15 seconds versus the average 25 minutes it takes a current Comcast customer to download the same file.

A Comcast rep declined to give pricing on the service, which launches next month. She did say customers would be responsible for installation fees so Comcast can dig in yards and install the fiber-optic cables. And to get this new service, customers must live within a third of a mile of existing Comcast fiber cables.

A much slower service Comcast offers, called Extreme 505, runs about $400 a month. Extreme 505 runs at more than 10 times faster than most customers have in the state of Florida but only a quarter of the speed of Gigabit Pro.