Cold Weather

wind chill map of North Florida
Florida Storms

Winter has made a comeback in Florida. Freeze warnings have been issued from Jacksonville to Pensacola, and a Wind Chill Advisory is in effect tonight as far south as Orlando.

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A hard freeze warning is in effect from 6 p.m. Wednesday until 11 a.m. Thursday for most of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia after hours of near-freezing rain on Wednesday. Wind chills Thursday morning are forecast to be in the teens as far south as Ocala. 

Jacksonville Humane Society Executive Director Denise Deisler says that means pets need to be taken inside for their safety.

Weather Blog: List Of Area Closings

Jan 3, 2018

The list of weather-related closures has grown.

Snow, Ice Closes Some Bridges In Georgia, I-10 Reopens

Jan 3, 2018
FDOT via News4Jax

The following bridges were affected Wednesday:


While Duval County public schools remain closed for winter break, several private schools and the Alachua County schools announced that were expected to reopen Wednesday and announce they will remain closed. 

The Salvation Army

Jacksonville’s homeless shelters are remaining open overnight during this week’s cold snap, offering a warm, safe place to eat and sleep for those in need.

Florida Public Radio Emergency Network

A strong spring storm will send a cold front quickly through all of Florida by midday Thursday.

The system was approaching the western side of the panhandle Wednesday afternoon, and a “Particularly Dangerous Situation” Tornado Watch was issued by the National Weather Service for Panama City and points north until 8 p.m.

City Rescue Mission

With overnight temperatures hovering above freezing this week, Jacksonville’s City Rescue Mission homeless shelter is adding beds.

The coldest air of the winter season is poised to plummet south Wednesday night in the wake of an arctic cold front and stick around through Friday morning. The wind chill factor (what it will feel like) will have the greatest impact Wednesday night, falling to the 30’s all the way to Miami. Then on Thursday night and Friday morning, actual temperatures below freezing are possible as far south as Lake Okeechobee. It will be the first freeze for much of central and south Florida in over a year.

Jeff Huffman / Florida Public Radio Emergency Network

The coldest air of the winter season is poised to plummet south into the state this weekend. A series of storm systems in the Northeast U.S. will cause the jet stream to buckle unusually far to the south, which will allow arctic air to move freely all the way to south Florida. This will begin Thursday night with the passage of a cold front. Temperatures Friday morning are likely to be near or below freezing all the way to the I-4 corridor over inland areas.

A former city employee that was forced to quit, Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches, and two high profile robberies are in the headlines today.

JEA Releases Energy-Efficient Heating Tips

Jan 8, 2015

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - As temperatures continue to drop, many people will be turning on the heat, and JEA is releasing some efficient ways to reduce power consumption.

Jerry McInarnay is an energy efficiency analyst for JEA. He said the first way you can lower your bill is by setting your thermostat to 68 degrees.

"A couple things we can do -- gradually heat the home. We can bump the thermostat up 1 to 2 degrees," said McInarnay. "If we crank it up more than 2 degrees it's not uncommon for the auxiliary heat to engage."

Medical marijuana, snow, and Gov. Rick Scott are in the headlines today.

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Organizations that help the homeless are ramping up their services as dangerously cold arctic air moves into the First Coast.

Jeff Huffman

The coldest air mass since 2010, maybe 2003, has arrived in The Sunshine State.

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With record cold temperatures expected for the First Coast tonight, farmers are bringing in their livestock and covering what plants they can.