Fresh Take Florida: Gainesville Man’s Dog Alerted Neighbor When He Suffered A Stroke

Sep 24, 2021
Fresh Take Florida

GAINESVILLE – The stroke came suddenly. He didn't remember falling, but the bump seen later on his head was evidence of his collapse. His wife was two hours away, so he was home alone and vulnerable.

Two cats, one with a white belly looking at the camera, another cat asleep, with head resting on a brick.
Sylvie Schiller / Froggy's Cat Rescue

Before the COVID-19 outbreak erupted in Florida in March, Jacksonville’s Animal Care and Protective Services was already dealing with an outbreak of its own. 

Lucio Eastman / Wikemedia Commons

Local parents are suing to stop the use of armed safety assistants in the Duval County Public Schools.

Stormy the cat and Jamie Thomas in a waiting room at First Coast No More Homeless Pet's veterinary clinic.
Brendan Rivers / WJCT News

More than 4,100 cats and dogs are killed every day in animal shelters across the U.S. - nearly 1.5 million every year - but a Jacksonville-based organization claims to have an effective method to bring those numbers down and its model is being exported to communities across the country.

Petteri Sulonen / Wikimedia Commons

People in Clay County whose dog or cat gets sick after the vet’s office has closed for the day can now take their pet to an after-hours clinic run by the nonprofit Clay Humane Society.

Marilyn Cole / Wikimedia Commons

Several bars and breweries have found themselves at odds with the Florida Department of Health over a recent crackdown on a rule that prohibits pets inside businesses that serve food.

dog in bar
Dun.can via Flickr

The Florida Department of Health in Duval County is reminding bar owners that pets are not allowed inside facilities that serve food or beverages.

Dog Cafes are popping up all over the world — from Japan to Canada, and even in the Philippines. Customers can play with dogs while drinking coffee and even having a snack. They’re part of a trend of eateries where individuals can adopt an animal.

Now a Jacksonville non-profit is creating it’s own version of a dog cafe with adoptable pooches.



cats in cages
First Coast No More Homeless Pets

Dogs and cats can now be fixed for free, thanks to grant money and gifts now flowing to animal-care facilities in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. The services are available to pet owners and those who want to help feral animals too.

Dog Influenza Spreading In Southeast

Jul 14, 2015

A precaution for dog owners: There has been a recent spread of canine influenza, including several cases here in the southeast.

Back in April, News4Jax told you about the spread of the illness in the Midwest, and just in the past few weeks more than 50 dogs have gotten the flu in the Atlanta area.

Keep an eye on your dogs because they can't talk about not feeling well like people can. That's why it's so important to pay attention to their mood and their body.

Blame the president, blame the dog, blame Halloween, just don't blame us for these three stories reported this week ONLY IN FLORIDA.


Thousands of homeless pets will get the opportunity to connect with caring families at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds Oct. 4-6 in a mega-adoption event sponsored by Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services.

ACPS manager Nikki Harris said shelter groups have worked very hard to make Jacksonville a "no-kill" city, where loving homes are found for sick and homeless pets instead of euthanasia.

The three-day event will feature thousands of cats and dogs that are ready for adoption.

“If you’re looking for a pet,” Harris said, “you’ll find one.”

Wolfson Patients Reunited With Furry Family Members

May 31, 2013
Photo courtesy of Wolfson Childrens's Hospital

Wolfson Children’s Hospital launched a dog visitation program today called “Healing Paws,” reuniting long-term patients with their beloved pets.

Under the program, a hospitalized child can pet and play with his or her dog in a private and handicapped accessible space near the hospital.

17-year-old Vanessa Blond is a patient being treated at Wolfson for cystic fibrosis. Today she had an opportunity today to be reunited with Ginger, her grandmother’s dog, who Blond considers her own.

National Humane Society

  Animal rights groups like the Humane Society say dogs left chained alone often become aggressive and dangerous.

In March of 2011, 17-month old Dylan Andres was mauled to death by a neighbor’s dog in Jacksonville when the toddler wandered into their yard.

He had walked away from his mother as she was unloading groceries from the car. The neighbor’s rottweiler had been chained to a pole while owner was away.

Animal rights group have been pushing for legislation to ban unattended dog tethering.