Florida Supreme Court

Florida Supreme Court exterior
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A ruling from the Florida Supreme Court puts limits on how legal aid clinics can use their funds, potentially restricting the aid available to low-income Floridians who need representation in civil court. 

Fla. Supreme Court Justices To Weigh Major Tobacco Case

May 27, 2021
Florida Supreme Court
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Nearly 15 years after a Florida Supreme Court decision unleashed thousands of lawsuits against the tobacco industry, justices next week will consider a case that could make it harder to successfully sue cigarette makers.

Florida Supreme Court
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If you are accused of a crime, you are entitled to a lawyer, even if you can’t afford one. But in civil cases, — things like evictions, foreclosures, or wrongful denial of government assistance — there is no guarantee of an attorney. 

Florida's First Black Supreme Court Justice Dies At 88

May 3, 2021

Joseph Hatchett, whose groundbreaking career included becoming the first Black justice on the Florida Supreme Court, died Friday at age 88, the Supreme Court announced Saturday.

Hatchett was appointed to the Supreme Court by Gov. Reubin Askew in 1975 and served until 1979, when President Jimmy Carter named him as a federal appeals-court judge. He stepped down from the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in 1999 and became a partner with the Akerman law firm in Tallahassee.

Cherish Perrywinkle (left) and Donald Smith (right)

The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously upheld the conviction and death sentence of Donald James Smith, who raped and murdered 8-year-old Cherish Perrywinklle after kidnapping the girl from a Jacksonville Walmart in 2013.

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The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a proposed constitutional amendment aimed at allowing people to use recreational marijuana, saying it would be misleading to voters.

TALLAHASSEE --- Pointing to “questions that may have sweeping implications for dozens of municipal traffic enforcement regimes across Florida,” a federal appeals court is asking the Florida Supreme Court to help resolve a challenge to fees that motorists can be charged by red-light camera companies.

Florida Appeals Courts Upholds Remote Hearings Amid Pandemic

Dec 3, 2020

In a legal test of remote court proceedings during the COVID-19 pandemic, a South Florida appeals court Wednesday rejected arguments that using Zoom technology in a probation-violation hearing would violate a defendant’s constitutional rights.

The decision by a three-judge panel of the 3rd District Court of Appeal came after a series of orders by the Florida Supreme Court that for months have led to court proceedings being held remotely across the state to try to prevent the spread of the disease.

TALLAHASSEE --- Continuing to make major changes in the state’s death-penalty system, the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday scrapped a longstanding legal requirement of reviewing deaths sentences to determine if they are “disproportionate” punishment.

Justices, in a 5-1 ruling, said such reviews are not authorized by state law and pointed to “erroneous precedent” by the Supreme Court. But Justice Jorge Labarga wrote a sharply worded dissent that said the majority was rejecting a decades-old review requirement that helps prevent arbitrarily imposed death sentences.

The Supreme Court of Florida has denied a petition to block officials from counting votes cast on proposed Amendment 3. If approved the ballot initiative will change the state’s primary-election system to a top-two primary. The lawsuit was backed by Florida lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, including incoming House Speaker Chris Sprowls who says the amendment could disenfranchise minority voters.

Fla. Supreme Court Rejects 'Bed Tax' Appeal

Oct 19, 2020
The Florida Supreme Court in Tallahassee.

In a victory for Airbnb and similar vacation-rental platforms, the Florida Supreme Court on Monday declined to take up a dispute about whether the companies are required to collect and send in tourist-development taxes.

The legal dispute that prevented Gov. Ron DeSantis from appointing the first Jamaican-born, Black woman to the Florida Supreme Court has left the court without a Black justice for the first time in at least 37 years.

Governor Ron DeSantis has filled the remaining vacancy on Florida’s Supreme Court, announcing his new pick this week. The move followed a legal push-and-pull, and the governor’s initial choice getting rejected.

DeSantis has now launched an effort to get his initial pick onto a federal bench.

During a media appearance Monday, DeSantis was flanked by his new pick for the Florida Supreme Court, and the previous pick who was rejected by the court itself.

Governor Ron DeSantis has appointed an appeals court judge to fill a vacancy on the Florida Supreme Court.

After a legal push-and-pull over who would fill a vacancy on the Florida Supreme Court, DeSantis picked 5th District Court of Appeals judge Jamie Grosshans.

Justice Grosshans says she was honored to accept the nomination this year, marking the 100th anniversary of women securing the right to vote.

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In a rebuke to Gov. Ron DeSantis, the Florida Supreme Court on Friday unanimously rejected his selection of a circuit judge to serve on the Supreme Court and gave the governor until noon Monday to appoint another candidate from a list of nominees offered early this year.

Fla. Surpeme Court Threatens DeSantis' Appointment Of New Black Justice

Sep 10, 2020
Florida Supreme Court
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Florida’s Supreme Court is forcing Gov. Ron DeSantis to defend his appointment of a Jamaican-born, Black woman to the state’s high court, amid a legal dispute over whether she was eligible.

The Florida Supreme Court has ruled that Gov. Ron DeSantis should not have appointed Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Renatha Francis to a vacancy on the state’s high court because she hasn’t been a member of the Florida Bar for at least 10 years. But the court says there’s nothing they can do about it.

DeSantis announced her appointment in May, but Francis won’t be able to serve as a justice until September 24th when she reaches that decade milestone.

Michael Dunn in court.

A man convicted in the high-profile shooting death of a teen in a Jacksonville convenience-store parking lot in 2012 is appealing to the Florida Supreme Court. 

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Five years after Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment aimed at land and water conservation, environmentalists on Monday urged the state Supreme Court to wade into a battle about how money can be spent.

Styrofoam Ban Fight Heads To Florida Supreme Court

Oct 22, 2019
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Coral Gables has gone to the Florida Supreme Court in a legal battle about whether the city should be able to ban the use of Styrofoam food containers, according to documents posted Monday on the Supreme Court website.

Education Fight Heading To Florida's Supreme Court

Sep 30, 2019
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Nine county school boards are going to the Florida Supreme Court in a battle about the constitutionality of a controversial 2017 law that sought to bolster charter schools.

FL Supreme Court Refuses To Reconsider Expert Witness Issue

Aug 30, 2019
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The Florida Supreme Court has denied requests that it reconsider a controversial May decision that revised standards for expert witnesses in lawsuits.

Proposed Minimum Wage Hike Doesn't Draw FL Supreme Court Arguments

Jun 19, 2019
Florida Supreme Court exterior
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The Florida Supreme Court will not hold oral arguments on a proposed constitutional amendment that would increase the state’s minimum wage, after it did not receive any briefs on the issue.

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Supporters of a proposed constitutional amendment about the citizenship of voters have cleared an important initial threshold, setting the stage for a Florida Supreme Court review.

Florida's Attorney General Weighs In On Death Penalty Changes

Jun 5, 2019
Florida Attorney General's Office

Attorney General Ashley Moody’s office is urging the Florida Supreme Court to reverse course on decisions that allowed dozens of convicted murderers to have their death sentences reconsidered.

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n a move that left little doubt about the new direction of the Florida Supreme Court, justices on Thursday reversed a controversial 2017 decision about the testimony of expert witnesses in lawsuits.

Florida Supreme Court exterior
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More than 100 inmates condemned to death could face a major upheaval, as a revamped Florida Supreme Court ponders whether to undo a 2016 ruling that allowed nearly half of the state’s Death Row prisoners to have their death sentences revisited.

Florida Supreme Court exterior
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Granting a request by Gov. Ron DeSantis, the Florida Supreme Court on Monday impaneled a statewide grand jury to investigate whether school districts are complying with mandatory safety requirements following last February’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

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In one of his first acts after taking office, Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday made a historic appointment to the Florida Supreme Court, naming appellate Judge Barbara Lagoa as the high court’s first Cuban-American female justice.

Fla. Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To State Education System

Jan 4, 2019
Florida Supreme Court exterior
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A fiercely divided Florida Supreme Court on Friday rejected a nearly decade-long lawsuit that challenged whether the state has properly carried out a 1998 constitutional amendment that called for ensuring a “high quality” system of public schools.