Mayor Lenny Curry

Pedestal in the middle of Hemming Park where a confederate mounment used to be on top, downtown buildings in the background, and the skyrail
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Councilman Garrett Dennis filed a bill this week that would urge the city to give the recently taken down Charles Hemming monument back to the Hemming family. 

person with a glove on ready to stick a needle with some fluid in it into someone else's arm.
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The city of Jacksonville is partnering with the Duval County Medical Society to launch FluVaxJax, a campaign to get more people vaccinated ahead of flu season. 

Mayor Curry standing and speaking in front of a large GOP sign, Rutherford and Black off to the side of him
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Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry and Northeast Florida U.S. Representative John Rutherford both attended a “MAGA Meet-up” at the Duval GOP Headquarters Thursday morning, where they affirmed their support for President Donald Trump this November and attacked Democrats and the recently held Democratic National Convention. 

Mayor Lenny Curry speaking during a virtual press conference.
City of Jacksonville

The city of Jacksonville has partnered with local hospitals and hospital administrators on a public service announcement urging residents to wear masks to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Empty pedestal in Hemming Park where the Confederate monument once stood. Building and trees in the background
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During Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry’s COVID-19 media briefing Wednesday afternoon, he weighed in on the renaming of Downtown’s Hemming Park and provided some context on the city’s removal of Confederate monuments and markers. 

Lenny curry sitting at a table while speaking at a media conference in one of the City hall rooms. Microphones are in front of him.
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Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry defended the city’s recent Republican National Convention cancellation, noting that the city can still host key large events. 

Curry from behind, sitting at a table into a camera for a virtual zoom conference
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Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry made his first media appearance since President Donald Trump announced the cancellation of the city’s portion of the 2020 Republican National Convention. 

Mayor Lenny Curry speaking with arms on a table, person alongside him is a sign language interpreter, along with some flags behind Curry
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Despite Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams saying the security plans for August’s Republican National Convention have reached “a point of no return,” Mayor Lenny Curry said Tuesday he still believes the city can host the large scale event in a safe manner.

Mayor Lenny Curry during a protest, speaking to another person who has on a mask, they're both in a large crowd.
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Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry said he believes his countywide mandate is not government overreach or illegal. 

Outside of City Hall, large building with steps leading to the entrance, a couple of palm trees out in the front
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Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry gave his reasoning for a countywide mask mandate Wednesday afternoon. 

Mayor Lenny Curry adjusting his mask, someone to his left staring at him, signs in the background, courthouse also in the background.
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Starting Monday, June 29 at 5 p.m., a mask mandate in Duval County goes into effect. At all indoor and public locations where social distancing isn’t possible, a mask will be required. 

DeSantis with a mask in his hand walking away from a podium
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Florida saw over 8,900 confirmed coronavirus cases Friday morning, a new daily record, per the state Department of Health’s latest update. 

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry
City of Jacksonville

Mayor Lenny Curry says, effective immediately, city code enforcement will be monitoring businesses throughout Jacksonville to make sure state ordered capacity guidelines are being followed.

Skyline view of the St. Johns River and Downtown Jax.
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Initially, Jacksonville city officials thought they received $159 million in Federal CARES Act funding. 

Pedestal in the middle of Hemming Park where a confederate mounment used to be on top, downtown buildings in the background, and the skyrail
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A Jacksonville City Councilman is introducing a bill to change the name of Hemming Park. 

Dean Black seated and speaking in front of a big sheet that has DUVAL GOP written all over it, and a poster of Donald Trump giving two thumbs up to his left.
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Duval County Republicans are heralding the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Jacksonville as a great opportunity to put the city in the national spotlight and economic growth, while the local Democratic Party is outlining major concerns. 

Mayor Lenny Curry walking in a crowd of people down the street toward the Duval County Courthouse.
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As Jacksonville officials look for answers and policy changes to address local racial inequality issues, the City Council is forming a new Social Justice and Community Investment Committee.

Dennis speaking with a mic in his hand in front of the doors of city hall, right in front of the doors are a bunch of elected officials, including city council people and state officials.
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A little over half the members of Jacksonville’s City Council, Duval Public Schools administration, and Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried took part in a solidarity walk beginning at City Hall on Sunday morning. 

Jacksonville protesters gather outside of the Duval County Courthouse on Saturday, May 30.
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Tensions flared during a special meeting Tuesday when Jacksonville City Council members discussed the need to address racial inequality.

Huge American flag covering the courthouse, while there are protesters below it with Black lives matter signs, among other signs. All of them have masks on.
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Protests resumed Sunday outside the Duval County Courthouse.  

Mayor Curry speaking at a table with Jacksonville's logo on it, alongside a Dr. and a sign language interpreter. American flag in the background
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Republican Mayor Lenny Curry represented Jacksonville at a congressional subcommittee hearing Friday afternoon, where he testified on the city’s coronavirus response and recovery process. 

Documents Show Curry’s Former Chief Administrator, Political Strategist Worked For JEA Bidder

May 16, 2020
Sam Mousa, Tim Baker, Mayor Lenny Curry, City Council President Lenny Curry, former JEA CEO Aaron Zahn, Chief Administrative Officer Brian Hughes all sitting next to each other at a baseball game, showed on the fan cam.
Fan cam of Cardinals vs Braves playoff games on Oct. 4, 2019/ Via the Florida Times-Union

NextEra Energy, the parent company of Florida Power and Light, hired Sam Mousa and Tim Baker, two local lobbyists with close ties to Mayor Lenny Curry, in connection to their attempt to purchase JEA, according to a response to a subpoena it received last month from a Jacksonville City Council investigative committee.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis with Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry and Ascension St. Vincent's staff.
City of Jacksonville

Governor Ron DeSantis says Florida will be in full Phase 1 of reopening by Monday, after the state was effectively shut down to stop the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus.

The city of Jacksonville prepares for Mayor Lenny Curry's live Zoom press conference on Thursday.
The city of Jacksonville

Mayor Lenny Curry says Jacksonville is cautiously moving forward to “reopen” the economy and that he will soon release details on a plan to ease the financial burden being placed on local businesses by the coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor Lenny Curry sitting and speaking into the camera
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Mayor Lenny Curry announced the group of community members he’ll be consulting with about reopening Jacksonville’s economy. 

Beach, view of the ocean from afar, sand pathway leading to the shoreline, someone sitting on a bench looking out to the ocean, grass and palm trees around

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry responded to criticism on Monday that he’s faced since announcing the limited reopening of beaches and parks in Duval County.

pathway up to the beaches, police warning tape up to block people from entering, cloudy skies
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While other major U.S. cities have announced an extension to stay-at-home orders into mid-May, Jacksonville could be headed in the opposite direction.

Beaches with people swiming and along the coastline, skyline in the background of buildings
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Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry said Tuesday despite the city receiving many calls to reopen the Beaches, on at least a limited basis, they will remain closed. 

Mayor Curry speaking at a desk
Via COJ Livestream

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry announced a city partnership with VyStar Credit Union for business financial relief in the City Council’s first virtual meeting Tuesday morning. 

Mayor Lenny Curry speaking with arms on a table, only person in the picture
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Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry said Friday he is not yet willing to order a shelter-in-place mandate for the city, as other states across the nation have done to prevent the spread of coronavirus.