Paula D. Wright

Rhema Thompson / WJCT

Two candidates vying for the School Board seat in one Duval County’s most challenged districts made their pitch to a lively crowd Tuesday night.

Nina Geometrieva / Open Clipart

Teachers in Duval County’s scrutinized Bridge to Success program will get a four-figure reason to stick around next year.

Rhema Thompson / WJCT

Just a stone’s throw from the planned site of the new set of apartments for the homeless, dozens of residents voiced their thoughts Thursday night.

Duval County Public Schools

While a controversial open enrollment proposal aimed at keeping more students in Duval County Public Schools was off the table Tuesday night, school board members voted to approve two other plans that could lead more students away.

Duval County Public Schools / YouTube

A new proposal by Duval County Public Schools Superintendent Nikolai Vitti that would bring more than 300 new Teach for America recruits into the district over the next three years has been met with some resistance.

Nathan Bedford Forrest High School Confederate Yearbook

Duval County Public School officials should get a clearer picture of just how much it will cost to change Nathan B. Forrest High School to Westside Senior High this week. But just who will pay for most of it remains to be seen.