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Some Riverside Businesses Not Concerned By Severe Weather Warning

Jon Dawson
Flickr Creative Commons

North Florida is in a state of emergency awaiting a direct hit from Tropical Storm Colin on Monday.

Emergency managers hope a flood watch and a tropical storm warning get people to prepare for the worst. But for some shop owners, it was business as usual.

Dark clouds are hanging over Riverside midday Monday as cars splash through water from overnight rains. More rain is likely on the way.

Jack Twatchman runs the cafe Brew Five Points. He said he’s unfazed by the impending storm.

“I think I saw that there was a tropical storm, but I think most of the time it seems like the media cries wolf in these situations and then like stuff doesn't even happen,” he said.

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Across the street, Gunnel Humphreys assists a customer at Edge City, her clothing and accessories store that’s been here for 40 years. She said in that time, she’s never felt vulnerable to severe weather.

“You anticipate it happening, but it never really happened to me. I roll up my awning. I still have those awnings that you can roll up,” she said.

Humphreys lives close by and walks to work. And she has a good inventory to help with her afternoon commute if she needs them.

“Well, I sell rubber shoes. Made in Georgia, USA,” she said.

In all seriousness, Humphreys said she won’t take unnecessary risks and advises fellow residents to take weather alerts seriously.

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