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Florida’s Atlantic Beaches Still Getting Battered

Beaches in northeast Florida took a beating this weekend.Tropical storm force wind gusts and waves 6 to 10 feet pounded the First Coast for more than 36 hours, and many areas near the Palm Coast have received between 3 and 5 inches since Friday.  

While the wind and rain may not be as intense in the coming days, all of Florida’s Atlantic beaches will continue to take a beating this week. It’s a similar headline to a story we posted last week about Florida’s First Coast.

A persistent onshore wind will send waves crashing the sand, water surging into inlets, and showers occasionally pushing ashore for several days. In fact, it may not be until Saturday or Sunday of next weekend before the wind shifts.

This will be more of a nuisance to most coastal residents. However, anyone living or working in a flood prone area from high tides or storm surge might see more flooding than normal at times. This includes residents along the St. John’s River from downtown Jacksonville to Palatka, where the high water levels still haven’t receded completely from Hurricane Irma.