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A higher percentage of students in Duval and Clay counties are reading at grade level.

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Some Duval County high school students are asking the school district to stop using Styrofoam in cafeterias.  

The environmentally-conscious teens are collecting petition signatures, urging the district to replace foam lunch trays with ones made from stainless steel.

Clay County Schools

Clay County School Superintendent Charlie Van Zant is defending mentions of his religious beliefs in his phone messages to parents. One parent says she’s uncomfortable with what she sees as his “editorializing” in official correspondence.

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The Duval County School Board and school superintendent are being sued for allowing transgender students to use the bathroom matching their gender identity.

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Florida emergency officials are in the midst of planning for the upcoming hurricane season — and they’re getting some help from an unexpected source.

A group of college students are learning how to use drones to aid in disaster recovery efforts.

Depression can be a clear indication that bullying is taking place
Florida Department of Children and Families

To combat bullying in local schools all educators and faculty have undergone comprehensive training to ensure they can identify signs of bullying and how to stop it, said school officials.

Duval County Public Schools

A new directive from the Obama administration is causing controversy in schools throughout the nation. 

In accordance with Title IX,  every public school district in the country must uphold the rights of transgender students. Among those rights is allowing them to use bathrooms matching their gender identity. 

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In our “Lessons Learned Early” series, WJCT is following one prekindergartener through his first year of school.

Florida’s state-funded voluntary prekindergarten program has been limited to 4-year-olds, until now. Next year’s batch of young learners can wait until they’re 5 years old for VPK, as long as they don’t turn 6 before February.


Duval County Public Schools

The final proposed boundary change passed 4-3 in a special school board meeting Tuesday morning.



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Fletcher High School students are hoping a judge will rule in their favor next month.

That's because, the Neptune Beach school’s state-champion mock-trial team is about to square off against 51 teams in a national competition.

Uber App
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Doug Leeby swung open the door of an Escalade at the University of North Florida on Thursday. In the back he was sitting, awaiting a mentee.

Leeby, president of Jacksonville software company Beeline, joined four other Jacksonville business leaders to offer 15-minute mentor sessions along with free rides through the ride-for-hire service Uber from the UNF campus.


Let's begin with a choice.

Say there's a check in the mail. It's meant to help you run your household. You can use it to keep the lights on, the water running and food on the table. Would you rather that check be for $9,794 or $28,639?

It's not a trick question. It's the story of America's schools in two numbers.

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It was Purple-Up day at Venetia Elementary School. Kids showed up at the school wearing the color Thursday to represent the military, and to recognize kids in military families.


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Updated 1 a.m. Wednesday, April 6:

The Duval County School Board approved a new slate of school program and boundary changes Tuesday.

The transformations are part of Superintendent Nikolai Vitti’s plan to address the district's low-performing and underutilized schools.

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The Duval County School Board will vote on a plan to help struggling middle schools Tuesday night.