Alexander Denied Second Stand Your Ground Hearing

Jul 21, 2014

A circuit judge has ruled Marissa Alexander will not get a second chance to argue Stand Your Ground.

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In an order issued Friday, Judge James Daniel denied Alexander’s motion for a new hearing to decide whether the controversial law protected her.
Alexander is charged with shooting a firearm during an argument with her estranged husband Rico Gray. In 2012, a judge denied the motion and sentenced Alexander to a 20-year sentence. That conviction was later thrown out by an appeals court.

Her new defense attorneys argued that they had new evidence to present in the case, including the recanted testimony of Gray’s son from the night of the shooting. But Friday Daniel ruled the evidence wasn’t really new at all and wasn’t enough to sway the court.

Alexander’s retrial is scheduled to begin December 1.

Order Denying Stand Your Ground Hearing

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