2016 Elections

Florida's public radio stations are teaming up to bring you comprehensive, statewide 2016 election coverage. 

Tuesday on First Coast Connect guest host Jessica Palombo was joined by longtime friends Bishop Rudolph McKissick Jr., a black Democrat, and Lindsey Brock, a white Republican. They talked about maintaining their 35-year friendship through a contentious presidential election and its aftermath.

We also heard from Ellen Wiss and Paula Liang from the Women’s Giving Alliance.

Jekyll Island Events Manager Nancy Kring Rowan joined us by phone to talk about a month’s worth of events to celebrate the holidays.

And Rethreaded founder Kristin Keen joined us to talk about the Rethreaded Challenge, a campaign to get shoppers to buy gifts made by survivors of the sex trade. 

Monday on First Coast Connect, we spoke with Diallo-Sekou, chairman of The Kemetic Empire, a First Coast human rights organization, about the election of Donald Trump and the protests across the country. It’s World Diabetes Day, and  we were joined in studio by Brooks Biagini, the executive director of the local chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation along with Melody Van Zant and her 17 year old daughter Aria, who is living with diabetes. 

Our Friday Media Roundtable included Florida Times-Union columnist Ron Littlepage, Folio Weekly editor Claire Goforth, Tim Gibbons of the Jacksonville Business Journal and WJCT reporter Ryan Benk. We were also joined by Stacy Goldring and Molly Kushner about the upcoming “Voices of the Second Gen” that explores the experiences of second generation Holocaust survivors. In observance of Veterans Day, we wrapped up our series of segments during Jacksonville’s Week of Valor by hearing from Operation New Uniform founder and Executive Director Justin Justice and local veteran Sheenah Thrasher-Zamora. Jacksonville native and comic book creator Zack Kaplan also joined the show to talk about his new comic “Eclipse.” 

Kevin Meerschaert / WJCT

After election night pollsters around the county nearly all predicted Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump, Trump, who spent the final weeks of his campaign telling his supporters the polls were wrong, n the end was proven correct.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Northeast Florida residents reacted Wednesday to Donald Trump’s presidential victory. Their calls flowed into “First Coast Connect” with both hope and fear in their voices.