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Creator Series: MomentStrong

Each week WJCT’s Rebecca Farmer highlights one of the creators participating in Jacksonville's One Spark Festival.

Credit Liz Pierce / Moment Strong
A mobile app designed to get you past your "weak moments".

Liz Pierce and her partners have created MomentStrong, a mobile app designed to help users with health and wellness issues such as dieting, smoking, drinking, exercise or stress.

Those trying to overcome a health issue or who need some motivation can set a specific place and time to be alerted. Using a new type of geo-fencing technology, the app can track where users go and send an alert to their phone when they reach a problem area.

For example, says Pierce, if you have a drinking problem, you can set an alert to call your sponsor if you pull into a problem area.

"So when you are struggling and pull into your favorite spot, your phone automatically tracks you and calls your sponsor for you on arrival.”

Pierce is pitching her idea straight to businesses. She would like for companies to purchase the app and make it available to employees. She hopes that it will reduce healthcare costs while helping human resources departments target their employees issues.

Pierce is working with research professionals to help gather data about how people are using their app. She wants to know what they use as motivation. Will people use pictures of someone with a perfect beach body to get them to the gym? Or an old picture of themselves carrying a few extra pounds when they pull into a fast food place? Will some users like to hear their favorite song when they are stressed out? Maybe at 3 p.m. every day they get a chocolate craving, and Moment Strong can send an alert with a picture of the dress they need to fit in to.

"It is all very personal, you decide what you want to see." says Pierce.

Pierce and her partners will be at CoWork Jax presenting their creation, MomentStrong.  Visit BeOneSpark to register to vote for your favorite creator to receive the $250,000 guaranteed crowd fund.