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Episode 2: The WJCT 'It's A Wonderful Life' Behind-The-Scenes Production Podcast Thing

Jim Ernstsen

In this, the second episode of the "It's A Wonderful Life" Behind-The-Scenes Production Podcast Thing, Ray is joined in the studio by a crowd of people. "The Crowd" to be specific.

Often in radio theatre, there are crowd scenes: like bank runs, hotel lobbies, playgrounds... that sort of thing. The background noise that establishes those scenes aurally is called "walla" in radio theatre.  In most staged radio theatre productions, the cast members who are not currently reading dialogue will fill in the background noise for the crowd scenes. In WJCT's "It's A Wonderful Life" we decided to invite back the folks that auditioned for the show, but didn't make it into the cast to come into the studio to be our audio extras. 

In this episode, we meet the crowd and Ray walks us through one of the scenes to see how the walla is being directed for this show. Since we are recording everything prior and editing it in post-production, it's a little different than in most radio theatre performances.

Later in the show, Ray shows off another stereo audio effect we're using to tell the story. Enjoy!

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Ray Hollister can be reached at, 904-358-6341 or on Twitter at @rayhollister.