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Sweet Surprise For Family Biking Across Iceland For WJCT

Shacter family

Ten days into their bike tour across Iceland supporting WJCT, the Shacter family had already ridden 255 miles with many more to go.

Depending on weather and distance between campsites, David, Melody, Jac, Zach and his girlfriend Rachelle, have averaged between 21 to 43 miles a day to complete their 800 mile trek.

But the family is doing more than just pedaling.

Zach Shacter and his girlfriend Rachelle celebrated Iceland’s National Day  in a memorable way, documenting it on their tumblr.

Before hopping on their bikes, the couple took a hike between two glaciers, and paused for a moment by a waterfall.

Credit Shacter family
Zach Shacter proposed to Rachelle Kowalski in Iceland. The couple lives in Denver, CO.

Rachelle turned around from shooting a few pictures and saw that Zach had dropped to one knee.

“Before he said anything, I started to cry,” Rachelle said.

“You’ve said yes to many adventures,” said Zach. “Would you say yes to me in Iceland?"

Rachelle nodded.

“Some French hikers apparently saw it happen and they clapped as they hiked past,” Rachelle said. “It was a wonderful morning.”

The Shacter family has supported WJCT for many years.

Melody Shacter is on the station's Board of Trustees, and David is a past chair of the Board.

Click here to help sponsor the Shacter family's trip and support WJCT.