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Ghost Hunters Unnerve Jax Historic Property Owners

Wikimedia Commons

Spirits and poltergeists are a pain in the neck for historic preservationists - not because they’re real, but because so many people can’t resist looking for them.

Emily Lisska is not afraid of ghosts.

"I certainly don’t believe in any haunted houses or buildings," she said.

Lisska, Executive Director of the Jacksonville Historical Society, recently moved her office into what some call the most haunted building in Jacksonville: the old St. Luke's hospital.

While she is not rattled by rattling chains, Lisska is bothered by people who seek them out - by breaking in to historic buildings.

"You have historic buildings that are destroyed," said Lisska.

In some cases, some owners had to give up their buildings because they couldn't afford the insurance and the cost of repairs due to trespassing ghost hunters.

"This has been a serious problem for the historic preservation community in Jacksonville, Florida," Lisska said.

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Peter Haden is an award-winning investigative reporter and photographer currently working with The Center for Investigative Reporting. His stories are featured in media outlets around the world including NPR, CNN en Español, ECTV Ukraine, USA Today, Qatar Gulf Times, and the Malaysia Star.