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Riverside Avondale Preservation Accepting Bids For Dog Park Construction

A new dog park should be coming soon to Jacksonville’s Riverside Park. Riverside Avondale Preservation is accepting bids for its construction through the end of this month.

Nearby residents are excited the project is finally underway.

Clarence Terry walks his dogs through Riverside Park. He says Angel, Rocky and Taz love it.

Terry said, “Every day I bring my dogs to this park. Matter of fact, I could take them off the leash here because they know the park.”

However familiar his dogs are with the park, Terry’s required to keep them leashed on their walks — but he could soon have a place near the Interstate 95 overpass to let them run free.

Trey Csar is a community volunteer with Riverside Avondale Preservation.

Csar said, “We are actively soliciting bids from construction companies.”

He says the project is scheduled to start in November.

“So we’re hoping late winter, early spring, we can be hosting an opening.”  

Csar says the project has been in the works for more than three years while RAP found funding.

The cost of building the park will be split 50-50 between RAP and the city of Jacksonville. The city has promised up to $150,000.