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Ask Deemable Tech: How Can I Have Both A Mac And A PC?

Clare asked, "I've started getting into editing videos. I’ve heard Macs are the best computers for this, but I need to have a PC for my job. We have some programs for our company that only work on Windows. Do you have any suggestions?"

We sure do, Clare. We would definitely recommend getting a Mac if you are seriously interested in video editing, but if the software you need for your job will only work on Windows, you’ll need to have Windows. Unfortunately, it can be frustrating to have to run two computers at the same time. But what if you could have the best of both worlds on one computer? It can be done by installing Windows on a Mac.

Yes, you read that correctly. You can actually install Windows on any Mac with an Intel processor, which all current Mac models have. This will create what is called a dual-boot system with both Mac OS and Windows. Setting this up isn’t hard to do, but you’ll need to make sure that you purchase a full version installation disc or download of Windows first (an upgrade version cannot be used). Of course, you’ll need to buy a Mac as well.

To install Windows on a Mac, you will use one of two programs: Boot Camp or Parallels. Boot Camp comes free with your Apple computer, while Parallels is a separate program that costs around $80. The major difference between the two programs is how your computer will run the different operating systems in relation to each other. Boot Camp allows you to run Windows or Mac OS, and you decide which one you want to use when you boot your computer. If you want to switch to the other operating system, you have restart your machine.

Parallels, on the other hand, lets you use Windows and Mac OS at the same time and switch back and forth while both are running. You can even launch Windows applications right from your Mac dock, and it will switch over to Windows automatically. The downside to this program (apart from the price tag) is that your computer can become really bogged down since you’re running two operating systems at the same time.

Of the two, we prefer Boot Camp. To install Windows using it, just open your Launchpad, go to the Boot Camp Assistant and follow the instructions. As with any major change to your computer, we recommend that you back up all of your important files and documents before you install Windows.

With a little time and energy, Clare, you’ll be doing everything you want and need to with two computers in one!

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Tom Braun is a writer living in Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to writing about tech and co-hosting WJCT’s Deemable Tech, he writes content for websites and blogs, ghostwrites ebooks, writes short fiction and has written a woefully unpublished dystopian young adult novel that is no doubt his ticket to fame and fortune. Before realizing his true calling as a writer, Tom worked for over a decade as a software developer. He enjoys board games and traveling and once spent a year living in The Netherlands.