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Tabula Rasa Brewing Plans To Join Jacksonville's Rail Yard District

Ryan Peterson has submitted plans to open Tabula Rasa Brewing along the shoreline of McCoys Creek, joining Engine 15 Brewing in the resurgent Rail Yard District.

The proposed brewery would be located at 2385 Corbett Street and join a 1.6 acre, burgeoning community of creatives that already operate on in the area, according to our Modern Cities partner.

The 16,600-square-foot, multi-building industrial facility was built in 1952, Modern Cities reported.

The Excel Chemical Company operated an industrial detergent plant there from 1952 until 2015, processing industrial-strength floor waxes and degreasers. In 2015, Jeff Edelson was outgrowing his studio space in nearby CoRK Art Studios and was looking for buildings in the area. 

Excel had recently lost its last client and was looking to unload an aging industrial property most would have viewed as worthless.

Edelson purchased the building in May of 2015 and opened Mixon Studios - a makerspace, greenspace and event venue. The ethos of Mixon Studios is that of  “a setting where quality, collaboration, innovation, communication, integrity and respect come together.'” Now, craft beer will be joining those guiding principles.

Awaiting approval from the Jacksonville City Council are several zoning exceptions and deviations needed to begin constructing the proposed brewery. 

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