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Camden County Election Officials Debut New Voting Machines

Camden County Board of Commissioners
One of the new voting machines in Camden County.

Camden County elections officials are working to make sure voters know how to use Georgia’s new voting machines ahead of that state’s March 24 presidential primary election.

Camden Elections Supervisor Shannon Nettles said unlike the old, paperless machines, the new ones will produce paper ballots for voters to review before their choices are optically scanned and tallied.

The whole process is designed to make voting as tamper-proof as possible.

“None of the equipment, from the time that you sign in on an iPad to getting your voter access card to making your selections and printing your ballot — and then even when you scan — none of that is hooked up to the internet,” Nettles said.

The goal now is to educate the voters.

“We’re going out and about in the community now, showcasing the equipment, having demos, showing videos on the equipment and also setting up the equipment in our office area for people to come by and check it out.”

A federal judge ordered Georgia to purchase the new equipment last year after determining the state’s nearly 20-year-old electronic machines were a security risk.

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