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JTA Plans Skyway Station At Edge Of Jacksonville’s Brooklyn Neighborhood

Artist's rendering of the planned Brooklyn Skyway station.
Artist's rendering of the planned Brooklyn Skyway station.

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority applied for a building permit to construct a Skyway station in Brooklyn at a job cost of $800,000.

JTA filed the application March 6 to build the elevated light rail platform on 0.11 acres at 725 Leila Street.

Location Of Planned Skyway Station

Brooklyn Station will connect to adjacent Skyway staging tracks that JTA plans to convert to support passenger transit. The project will link the Central Skyway Station at West Bay and Lee streets in LaVilla to the Downtown Northbank neighborhood. 

Site plans created Jan. 10 list Michael Baker International Inc. as the project engineer.

JTA Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Cleveland Ferguson III provided a project overview stating construction will include the Skyway platform and American with Disabilities Act-compliant ramps with two entrance and exits points. 

Passenger parking will be provided at an existing JTA surface lot near Riverside Avenue. A fabric canopy will be installed over the passenger waiting and boarding areas.

Two refurbished Skyway trains will be used for the station wrapped in a “Brooklyn Shuttle theme,” according to the project summary. 

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A Skyway train
Credit JTA
JTA is planning to add a Brooklyn stop to the Skyway.