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'Gunnel Is Five Points'; At 77, Edge City Owner Has No Plans To Stop

Jacksonville Daily Record
Gunnel Humphreys stocks her store with designer items and buys just three of each.

For more than 50 years, the Edge City retail store has been a landmark in the Five Points shopping and entertainment district at 1017 Park St. between Riverside and Brooklyn.

A lot has changed in that time, but an icon remains after 45 years: Gunnel Humphreys, owner of Edge City.

The Swedish-born Humphreys and her business and life partner, the late Tom McCleery, bought the store from the original owners in 1975 for $3,000 – his severance pay from the office job that disenchanted him at Bethlehem Steel Corp.

“It was nothing we ever talked about. I think Tom didn’t have another idea and the opportunity fell in our lap,” Humphreys said.

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