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Work Finishes On Jacksonville's Main Street Bridge

sidewalk on bridge
Florida Department of Transportation

Drivers between downtown Jacksonville and San Marco should notice fewer delays in their commute. Work on the Main Street Bridge is complete after 17 months.

But Florida Transportation Department spokesman Ron Tittle says that work was just a drop in the bucket. Crews continue on nearby projects including the I-95 Overland Bridge. Tittle says, in Jacksonville this year, $400 million is going toward road construction and maintenance.

“In the 2016 time frame, we’re looking at $800 million worth of projects, so you can conceivably consider, money-wise, that we would be doubling our efforts to try to maintain the roadways and to build new structures," he said. 

The iconic, bright blue Main Street Bridge is about 70 years old. Crews renovated its sidewalks to make it more pedestrian friendly and repaired mechanical and cosmetic issues.