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Florida Voters Have Until Feb. 16 To Register, Update Info For March Primary


The deadline to update voter information ahead of Florida’s presidential primary is next Tuesday, Feb. 16.

St. Johns County Elections Supervisor Nikki Oakes says people can change their name or party affiliation easily — it doesn’t even require an official form.

“They do not specifically have to use the application," she says. "They could just write us a note, include their name, their address, their birth date, and then drop that in the mail,” 

Oakes says her office also asks for the last four digits of voters’ Social Security Number to verify the changes.

She says voters must change their address over the phone, online or in person. And new Florida residents and first-time voters can register online; by mail; or at public-assistance offices, libraries, or military-recruitment offices.

The deadline to register or update voter information is by the end of the day on Feb. 16. The primary election is March 15.