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Charlie Crist Holds Small Lead Over Gov. Rick Scott In Latest UNF Poll

In the latest poll from the University of North Florida, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist maintains a slight lead over incumbent Governor Rick Scott.Of the 507 registered voters surveyed between March 6-16, 34 percent favored Crist, while 33 percent want to keep Scott.

UNF political science professor Dr. Michael Binder said the more telling result is the percentage of those who don’t like either candidate; 17 percent of those polled said they’d prefer somebody else.

“If you add up the 'somebody elses'  and the 'don’t knows,' that was almost as much as the other two candidates at 34 percent," Binder said. "So I think there’s certainly some ambivalence and some uncertainty about peoples' choices that they’re facing in November.”
Nearly three-quarters of the poll’s respondents said they would vote for the proposed constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana in Florida.
When asked about Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, 62 percent said they favor requiring people to try and retreat from a situation before they’re allowed to use force to defend themselves.

Fifty-five percent of those surveyed support Gov. Scott’s proposal to cut vehicle registration fees by $12 if it reduces state revenues by $250,000 dollars a year.

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