1/9/19: President Trump’s Address; Clinton Health Matters Initiative; Learning from Within: Stories

Jan 9, 2019

As the government shutdown drags on, President Trump delivered his first prime-time Oval Office address to the nation last night, where he described the situation at the Mexican border as a “humanitarian crisis.” In their response, Democrats criticized the president for asking taxpayers to pay for a wall he had long said Mexico would fund. They also accused him of fearmongering and lying about the true situation at the border. UNF Political Science Professor Matt Corrigan joined us to discuss all of this, the local impact of the shutdown, and what might happen next.

Clinton Health Matters Initiative

The Clinton Health Matters Initiative has released a report detailing its 5-year community health transformation efforts in Northeast Florida. Ashley Smith Juarez, the Clinton Health Matters Initiative National Director for Community Health and Lauri Wright, director of the University of North Florida’s Center for Nutrition and Food Security joined us to discuss the findings.

Jennifer Wolfe, Basma Alawee and Malath Albarki with Melissa Ross outside Studio 5
Credit Heather Schatz/WJCT

Learning from Within: 'Stories of Women in the New World'

Learning from Within: Stories of Women in the New World, is a new handbook that features the stories of female refugees and immigrants to America, and the challenges they’ve faced. Two of those women - Basma Alawee, the Refugee Organizer with the Florida Immigrant Coalition and a recipient of the 2019 OneJax Humanitarian Award; and Malath Albarki, a local artist -  joined us to share their stories, along with Jennifer Wolfe, Founder, Women Writing for (a) Change.

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