3/29/19: Friday Media Roundtable; Brush With Nature

Mar 29, 2019

For this week’s First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross Media Roundtable, our panel of journalists looked at some of the biggest stories, including:

Our panelists were:

Randy Pitts “Across Lake Ray” 8x10 oil on linen panel – Private Collection
Credit Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens

Brush With Nature

Artists from First Coast Plein Air Painters will create and sell artwork to support local artists and the nonprofit Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens this weekend, during the “Brush with Nature” event. Gail Beveridge, St. Augustine Artist and Event Committee Member; and Ron Whittington, Arboretum Board Chair, joined us with more information.

Coming Monday, Times-Union Columnist Mark Woods will join us with a look at what he's learned during his Mark Walks Jax series of columns. Melissa joined him on a walk this week:

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