National Drive Electric Week; "The Useful Idiot;" Eco Collections Marketplace

Oct 1, 2020


This week is National Drive Electric Week, a nationwide celebration of the many benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid cars, trucks, and motorcycles.



Transitioning the nation off of fossil fuels could begin with the vehicles we drive. Some electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts say that one of the bright spots of 2020 is that it could be remembered as a turning point for the automotive industry. They say this is the year electric vehicles began their transition from niche to mainstream.


This year, Gov DeSantis announced $8.6 million in funding to add EV charging stations along state highways. This, as automobile makers Ford, GM, Tesla, and Porsche announced new electric models.


We spoke to Tom Larson, Chairman of the North Florida Clean Fuels Coalition, about Drive Electric Florida, an upcoming webinar for businesses with fleets who want more information about EV, and the charging stations popping up around Northeast Florida.


Bill Bortzfield, WJCT News’ digital editor, has been covering the subject for the station. He joined to discuss why automotive performance enthusiasts may embrace EVs and gave us a look at the available local and federal incentives to reduce their cost. 


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The Useful Idiot


Senior White House correspondent at HuffPost, S.V. Dáte has released a new book, The Useful Idiot, which captures what he calls “Trump’s failed management of the coronavirus pandemic and his corruption of the Republican Party.”


Dáte gained national attention this summer after asking President Donald Trump if he “regrets all the lying” he has done to the American people. The clip went viral and was followed by a Tweet from Dáte, which read, “For five years, I’ve been wanting to ask him that.” He claims that President Trump is serving the agenda of forces that seek to undermine America.


Dáte spoke with us about the incident, his experience covering the Trump administration, and The Useful Idiot.


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Eco Collections Marketplace


A new eco-friendly business has launched, offering alternative solutions to traditional amenities—online. Billy Zeits of St. Augustine is a co-owner of Eco Collections Marketplace. He talked with us about the company’s goals, available products, and clientele.


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