Northeast Florida Pet Shelters Hosting Event To Eliminate Overcrowding

Jun 25, 2015

Thousands of dogs and cats are turned into North Florida animal shelters each year.

The First Coast No More Homeless Pets is hosting what it’s calling a Super Pet Adoption event this weekend.

The event is meant to help relieve overcrowding in Northeast Florida animal shelters.

Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services Division Chief Nikki Harris says large adoption events help eliminate the risk animals will be put down.

“Events like this are what opens up space for us so that we can make sure to take in the stray animals that we are required to take in,” says Harris.

No More Homeless Pets founder Rick DuCharme says Duval County has reached “no-kill” status for two years. That means no animals are killed because of lack of space. But surrounding counties still have a ways to go.

DuCharme says the weekend’s adoption events also offer some help for new pet owners.

“We do try to get them started off in the right direction with a free visit to the veterinarian and coupons for supplies and then the low cost adoption,” says DuCharme, “We make it easy, and we make it fun. And we just want everybody to come adopt!”

The Super Pet Adoption will be at PetsMart on Southside Boulevard on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.