People's Budget; 'Cruising by Mailboat; Long Covid; What's Good Wednesday

Jul 21, 2021

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry has presented his proposed budget for the city, which has re-ignited a debate about how the city's money should be spent.

In response to the mayor's proposed budget, the Jacksonville Community Action Committee has presented its alternative budget, titled, “The People’s Budget.” The Jacksonville Sheriffs Office currently receives 40% of the city's budget, whereas the People's Budget proposes to put 20% of those funds into investment programs which prioritize the community and will increase livable wages and opportunity development.

Michael Sampson, the chair of the Jacksonville Community Action Committee joined us to discuss "The People's Budget." 

‘Cruising by Mailboat’

As travel slowly returns, and cruises begin to set sail, there may be a surprising - and cheaper way - to travel the islands. Author Fred Braman's new book Cruising by Mailboat; History, Culture and Adventure in the Bahama Islands  details his adventures of traveling the Caribbean by mailboat. 

Braman joined us to discuss his travels.


Amid the resurgence of COVID-19 and the rise of the Delta variant, Duval County has become a hotspot for the virus. Even though there has been a spike with the new cases, many people who contracted the virus months ago are still suffering from it. Individuals who suffer from Long COVID experience a wide array of symptoms months after contracting the virus.   

Dr. Kelli TiceFlorida Blue Sr. Medical Director, Medical Affairs, and Clinical Lead for Florida Blue’s Covid-19 Response team, is hosting a free webinar on July 22 which covers the effects of long covid. 

Tice joined us to discuss the effects of  Long COVID. 

What’s Good Wednesdays

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