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What penguins can tell us about climate change; a push to legalize adult game rooms in Jacksonville; new leadership ahead for Operation New Hope; gas prices drop as July Fourth weekend approaches

Josh Torres
Magellanic penguin at the Jacksonville Zoo

Penguins act as sentinels of the marine environment and climate. They predict the rate and nature of climate change and provide insights into patterns of ocean productivity and long-term climate variation.

Surveying these climate changes is important to the climate of coastal cities like Jacksonville.

Guest: Katherine Hobbs, WJCT associate producer and penguin researcher.

A push to legalize adult game rooms

After a rise in adult game rooms operating illegally in Jacksonville, one City Council member wants to make them legal again. The city closed all adult game rooms three years ago and called them illegal gambling spots. Now, there is a push to legalize them again.

Guests: Barbara Holmes-Fryfield.

New leadership ahead for Operation New Hope

Operation New Hope provides support, life and job skills and employment opportunities for people with a history of involvement with the criminal justice system.

The founder, Kevin Gay, is stepping down from his role as CEO at the end of the month.


Gas prices drop as July Fourth weekend approaches

As gas prices continue to fall, Florida drivers will have some relief traveling this weekend. Many Floridians will be traveling by air at record numbers as well since 2019.

Guest: Dan Scanlan, reporter, Florida Times-Union.

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