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With Hurricane Sales Tax Holiday Successful, Officials Urge Caution During Storm Season

Florida Retail Federation

There are only three days left for Florida residents to stock up on emergency items like batteries and generators and not have to pay sales tax on them.

Aaron Gallaher, with the Florida Division of Emergency Management, says the hurricane preparedness sales tax holiday has been well received. But, he says, more people need to heed storm warnings.

“Over the years we haven’t had a major storm come through and there is a concern that some people may be lackadaisical in their preparation," he said. "But, regardless of what the models forecast, it only takes one storm, it just takes one to change the landscape of the community.” 

Gallaher says that in addition to the items on the tax-free list, people should also keep some cash and three days’ worth of food on hand.

The sales tax holiday runs through Sunday, June 8.

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