Smokey and the Bandit edition Trans Am at a car show
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Locals who want a shot at the Hollywood spotlight can apply to be an extra in a major motion picture shoot coming up on Monday, Sept. 24, in St. Marys, Georgia.

The cast of the Broadway and classic film “Show Boat” is performing at the Alhambra Theatre through April 2.

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If the true-crime podcast “Serial” is any indication, reality can be just as entertaining as fiction. That’s the hope, anyway, behind a new Jacksonville film festival made up entirely of documentaries.

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Norman Studios' monthly silent film screening, “Silent Sunday,” celebrates Northeast Florida’s early film industry.

The events include live musical accompaniment by Jacksonville University music professor Tony Steve and his group, the Silver Synchro Sounds.

​We stopped by Steve's classroom for a lesson in the sound of silent movies.

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Comedy, Congress and a water party are some of the events happening this weekend on the First Coast.

Norman Studios

One of the most controversial films of 1914 was shot in Jacksonville and St. Augustine.

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Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?

Great Museums Television

A fascinating new film celebrating the transformation of an abandoned railway on New York’s West Side into a stunning public park is coming to Jacksonville.

This weekend's 3x5 Classic Film Festival isn't only your chance to see Hollywood classics on the big screen, but also an opportunity to discuss the films with local cinefiles and experts.

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Musicals, benefit events and a family friendly comic are what's in store this weekend on the First Coast.

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Some of WJCT's best known voices will join local film experts later this month to host and provide insight during The 3x5 Classic Film Festival.

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Mar 7, 2014

The new film 300: Rise of an Empire, the sequel to 2006 hit 300, promises to be another riveting and awe inspiring adventure.

The Florida State Legislature, Jim Overton, and Michael Dunn are in the headlines today.

Michael Dunn, sex trafficking, and Obamacare are in the headlines today.

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