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Georgia Recount; New COVID Research; What's Good Wednesdays; Deck The Chairs

An election worker looks at a ballot during a Cobb County hand recount of Presidential votes on Sunday, Nov.15, 2020, at the Miller Park Event Center in Marietta, Ga.

Georgia appears to be on schedule to finish its recount and certify the results by Friday.

Officials in Georgia say nothing unusual has been found in the recount after President-elect Joe Biden was declared the winner, in turn flipping the Peachtree State from red to blue. 

An official confirmation of Biden’s win would help thwart President Trump's efforts to seek an overturn in his favor.  Georgia’s senate race is being closely monitored as well.  Tia Mitchell, Washington Correspondent for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,  joined us to share her thoughts on the matter. 

New COVID Research

Telescope Health, a local company, is taking part in a research study to determine if a saliva test offers a more accurate and comfortable way to get coronavirus results.  We spoke with Dr. Matthew Rill, CEO of Telescope Health, for details.

What’s Good Wednesdays

This week’s good news includes:

Deck the Chairs and Beaches Go Green
Deck the Chairs is a much-loved annual holiday event at Jacksonville Beach that will have a new element this year. A large single-use plastic installation will be part of the visual tableaux. It comes courtesy of the environmental nonprofit Beaches Go Green. And that’s not all they’re up to.  We spoke with Beaches Go Green founder Anne Marie Moquin for details about the event. 
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Patrick Cantin is joining WJCT from the University of North Florida as a news intern for the fall 2020 semester.