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After Publix Toilet Paper Cakes Go Viral, Its Bakers Decide To Stir Up More Fun

@redrawnoxen on Twitter
Cakes inspired by "Tiger King" on display in a Publix Bakery

The bakery team at Publix has managed to outdo themselves  — and give people a much-needed reason to smile  —  again.


Last month, it was with one of the items that has been difficult to come by since the coronavirus crisis started —  toilet paper. A toilet paper cake appeared in one of the chain’s stores and quickly went viral, inspiring scores of jokes from folks with potty mouths across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



Credit @keneatsgainesville on Instagram
Photo of a toilet paper cake in a Publix bakery
























Over the weekend, a Publix shopper shared photos of cakes inspired by Netflix’s popular program Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness in one of the grocery’s bakeries. 


Credit @redrawnoxen on Twitter
A "Tiger King" inspired cake at a Publix Bakery



















The collection includes cake versions of the docuseries’ stars: Joe Exotic (complete with his trademark mullet), his nemesis Carole Baskin, and of course the tigers that started their beef. 


The coronavirus crisis is not the first time Publix has gone viral for its creative cakes. It's Hurricane Irma and Dorian cakes also created a stir.



Credit @space_jim1 on Twitter
A hurricane-themed cookie cake in a Publix bakery
























Several listeners (and WJCT staffers) have asked how to get their hands on one of these new specialty cakes, so WJCT News reached out to Publix to find out.


Maria Brous, Publix’s director of communications, said that the grocer was unable to make anyone available for an interview at this time, noting that its “associates are focused on providing the best service to our customers during this incredibly busy time.” 


However, she went on to add: 


“We have very talented cake decorators at our Publix Bakeries. We work towards providing our customers the products and services they are looking for and are grateful for the opportunity to be creative and be part of every occasion. If customers should have a special request, they should speak with the bakery manager or cake decorator. We strive to find balance between creativity and sensitivity to the realities we are facing. We do have customers looking for levity and an opportunity to smile.”


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