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Florida State College at Jacksonville announced the release of its smartphone app Monday called FSCJ Safe. The app is intended to keep students, faculty and staff informed of any security threats that may arise.

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A new smartphone app is helping St. Augustine visitors take a walking tour of the 450-year-old city.

Plans are in the works to expand the high-tech tours to 20 Florida cities.

  The Florida Stories app reads users’ locations using GPS to guide them through the city.

The Florida Humanities Council managed the project using state funding.

Council Director of Digital Initiatives Jennifer Snyder says the app will allow visitors to experience historic cities across the state.

Android is the most popular mobile operating system on Earth: About 80 percent of smartphones run on it. And, according to mobile security experts at the firm Zimperium, there's a gaping hole in the software — one that would let hackers break into someone's phone and take over, just by knowing the phone's number.

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  Karen writes, "I met someone for the first time in a meeting the other day. A few hours later, she showed up on my Facebook page as 'someone I might know.' I've also noticed that people sometimes pop up in this feed shortly after sending me emails. How does Facebook know about these interactions? Or am I just being paranoid?"

You're not being paranoid, Karen. From what we can tell, Facebook has someone spying on you at all times. That secret spy is [insert dramatic music here]: your smartphone!

Mara writes, "Help me Deemable Tech, you’re my only hope! I keep getting calls on my smartphone from a strange number. When I pick up, no one is there. Is there any way I can block this annoyance?"

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Trent writes, "Hey Deemable Tech guys, I am giving my old phone to a friend. How do I make sure I’ve gotten all my private data off it first?"


From a brand new visual design to wearable computers, Google is introduced it's vision for 2014 and beyond in San Francisco last week.

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Amanda writes, "Our family recently got our first iPad. We want the kids to be allowed to use it, but I am worried that they will get into trouble with it. Many of the games on the iPad ask you to buy things. I don’t want my kids running up a big credit card bill! Is there a way to stop this from happening?"


Emily asks, "My coworker lost her iPhone at work the other day. She was in a panic because she thought that someone had stolen it. Fortunately, someone turned it in later the next day. I thought I heard there was some way to find an iPhone if you lost it? Is there a way, and if so, how does it work?"

Creator Series: MomentStrong

Apr 10, 2013
Liz Pierce / Moment Strong

Each week WJCT’s Rebecca Farmer highlights one of the creators participating in Jacksonville's One Spark Festival.

Liz Pierce and her partners have created MomentStrong, a mobile app designed to help users with health and wellness issues such as dieting, smoking, drinking, exercise or stress.

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Are you doing some traveling this Spring? You may want to make sure you have your smart phone handy.

As Jax Computer Chic Elizabeth Pampalone told us in this week's Tech Tuesday segment on First Coast Connect, there are many new apps that can help to make your trip easier. If you're feeling adventurous, there are also some that help you explore new areas.