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Two beloved teachers at Jacksonville’s Trinity Christian Academy have died from complications due to COVID-19, a school spokesman confirmed.

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Local parents are suing to stop the use of armed safety assistants in the Duval County Public Schools.

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More than 3,500 teachers and education staff professionals were expected to participate in rallies, sign waving, informational pickets and other activities throughout the state on Monday, including in Northeast Florida, for a "Day of Action." Their message: Fund public schools. Michelle Dillon, president of the St.

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Education is an enormous piece of the state budget. Hundreds of thousands of people work in the industry, and millions of Florida families send their kids to public schools each day.

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Duval County School teachers reported improved school culture in the 2015-2016 school year, according to the 2016 Instructional Culture Index survey.

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Duval County public school teachers should have more time to teach next year thanks to a massive reduction in the amount of paperwork and student-testing they’ll have to do.

The Duval County School Board and Duval Teachers United union announced Thursday they’ve agreed to cut the number of documents teachers have to fill out from 47 items to just 13.

Union President Terrie Brady says a recent poll found 95 percent of Duval County teachers take work home with them because they don’t have enough time at school to finish everything.

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Jacksonville teachers will now be paid based on student performance after an agreement between the Duval County School Board and the Duval Teachers United union. It's an effort to comply with a new state law.

The agreement requires all teachers hired after 2009 to be paid based on performance, while teachers hired before then will have the option to continue getting paid based on seniority.

Duval Teachers United President Terrie Brady says teachers are relieved to have an agreement after four years of negotiation.

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  In Katherine Stallings’ room, the lights are dim. A large blue table with four small chairs takes up most of the little space, along with several book shelves, pictures and a large stuffed butterfly. But it doesn’t feel cramped. It feels cozy, like the kind of place someone might want to curl up with a blanket and a book.

As she enters the room, Stallings instructs her class of four to get up and stretch.

“Touch your toes,” she tells them. “Touch your nose. Take a deep breath, bend through your mouth.”

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Teaching is a journey, but it hasn't been a pleasant one for everyone.

Recently, the inaugural class of the Jacksonville Teacher Residency (JTR) program had its final meeting of 2014. The end-of-semester meeting had fewer teachers than the beginning of the school year. In the final installment of "Life Lessons" for the year, WJCT takes a look at the stories behind the two residents whose forays into teaching were cut short.

A strong start

The day William Bowman got the offer to join the Jacksonville Teacher Residency program, he was ecstatic.


Controversial data on Florida’s school teachers are now public after a legal battle last year. 

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The Duval County School Board has become the latest in a growing list of school and district officials pushing back against the state’s controversial testing plans this year.

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This Monday marks the new school year in Duval County, and it will come with many changes. One of those changes: A new group of teachers beginning in some of the district's toughest schools.  WJCT's Rhema Thompson has been following two of those teachers as they prepare for the school year. We check back in with them to see how they’re getting ready for the big day.

Meet Our Two Featured Teachers

Name: George Jeffrey Teuber

Age: 23

Hometown: Palm Bay, Fla.

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A lengthy evening of comments and questions in Holiday Hill Elementary School began with a question.

"How many people are here in opposition of an extra hour of school at this school? Raise your hand," a parent asked.

All but a few hands in the packed cafeteria went up.

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The new school year is about a month away, along with an unprecedented new performance incentives program in Duval County Public Schools. However, with just a few weeks to go before the initiative begins, the details on how the incentives will be administered remain unclear.

Eddie Wayne Davis, Lenny Curry and Mike Crews are in the headlines today.


The new school year starts in a little over a month, but as of now, about 470 Duval County teachers have yet to find out where they will start the year. They make up the surplus pool of teachers.

It’s not a new phenomenon. Each summer, principals create a list of teachers no longer needed at the school based on student enrollment and budget projections.

Those decisions are also based on seniority, with the newer teachers most likely to be removed.

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It’s been a little over a week since 11 science and math professionals took their first steps toward a life in education. On a recent Thursday, they took their first steps into one of the schools where they may soon instruct.

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In a move toward another big change in the district, the school board took the first step toward a multi-million dollar effort to boot up technology in schools across the district this week.

Hospital uniforms, phone charging and Lenny Curry were among our top stories this week.

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Education is a journey taking students from possibilities to achievements. And it’s not for the faint of heart. 

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For most of Duval County, school’s out for summer, but for 11 young professionals sitting in a University of North Florida program the lessons are only getting started.

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Duval County has the framework for effective instruction, but it lacks the practice and the support, particularly in its highest need schools. That’s according to the results of a seven-month audit of the district.

Superintendent Nikolai Vitti presented the findings before members of the Duval County School Board Tuesday as part of a larger discussion on middle school reform.

The Washington Post has an open letter posted by a former Orlando-area school teacher on her blog telling Gov. Rick Scott and state lawmakers why she is pulling her children out of Florida's public school system.

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Duval County is among nine districts in the nation where more than half of teachers are frequently absent throughout the school year.

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As principals prepare for their new assignments within Duval County Public Schools, teachers around the district are awaiting news on their own placements this fall, leaving many anxious.

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Students and their parents at thirty-five Duval County Public Schools will get a chance to meet their new principal this week.

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A local school is under investigation by the Florida Department of Education following a complaint that it violated federal and state special education laws.  

Florida’s largest teachers’ union is backing Charlie Crist for governor.

Governor Rick Scott says he’s been boosting education funding for the past two years, including more pay for teachers. But the state’s largest teachers union, the Florida Education Association, isn’t impressed. The union has endorsed Scott’s probable gubernatorial rival—former Governor Charlie Crist. 

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Lorlesha Bryant loves a challenge. That’s what got the Algebra I teacher into mathematics.

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Today is the start of Teacher Appreciation Week. The North Carolina-based Center for Teaching Quality has launched a social media campaign called "Teaching Is." They want teachers to clear up misconceptions about the job. 

StateImpact Florida's John O'Connor asked three Florida teachers — Lalla Pierce from Pensacola, Mike Meiczinger of Lutz and Jaraux Washington of Tampa — to read their tweets and talk about what teaching is.